Participate in the “Smart Cities Study 2021”

The UCLG Digital Cities Community of Practice seeks to promote the development of a common vision and dynamics among local governments in favour of an inclusive Information Society that favours the reduction of the digital divide and the use of new technologies as a lever for the development of sustainable and competitive cities.

Its main objective is to update the “Smart Cities Study” every 2-3 years. This study takes a global and transversal approach to the different levers where the potential for growth and transformation of a city resides.

So far, 3 editions of the Study have been published: 2012, 2017 and 2019 and now is time for a new edition of the study, which aims to understand the pre-pandemic situation of cities, identifying their level of digitization and the "Smart" resources and tools they had, to analyse what impact the pandemic had on the different areas of local governance and what new "Smart" measures or tools were used to combat the negative consequences that were generated and to determine to what extent these types of actions have served to increase the resilience of cities, and to assess the usefulness of the new measures and tools for combating future crises.

A survey has been designed for the development of this study, addressed to the cities, having as goal the gathering of information, essentially qualitative one, on the situation and features of each city in these fields.

We encourage you to contribute to the performance of the study by filling the survey before the 31st of May 2021. Access to it can be found in the next link: Smart Cities Study 2021/Survey for the cities

Should you have any problem accessing the online version of the Survey you can download it in Word format  here and send it to