The Committee collaborates with ONUHABITAT in the organization of the “Marketplace and project design exercise for SMART Technologies for municipal sustainability”

From the Committee we are collaborating with ONUHABITAT in the organization of the "Marketplace and project design exercise for SMART Technologies for municipal sustainability" that will be held from 30 June to 1 July 2014 in the City of Santander.

The Local Governments and Decentralization Unit of UNHabitat and the Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV) are jointly designing a pilot project to facilitate the access to apps and SMART technologies able to support cities in generating endogenous resources, thanks to a better access and provision of public services within a framework of transparency in their management and delivery.

The goal of this pilot Project is to support both cities in developing and industrialized countries in their challenge to introduce SMART technologies for public management. The project will create a world network to exchange experiences and will develop concrete apps able to help municipalities to better manage their municipal finances.

This launch event to be held in Santander, is one the first one of a series of meetings that will be held in other cities from all around the world, and will have as main objectives:

  1. Need assessment for the participant cities in relation with the implementation of SMART technologies in the municipal finances field
  2. Identification of the areas of interest for the development of pilot apps.
  3. Launch of the global network on SMART municipal finance.
  4. Identification of the more frequent challenges for the implementation of SMART technologies to public management, with special attention to procurement process and the normative aspects of municipal fiscal management.
  5. Networking space for the participant cities and the private sector (with special focus on technological service providers and telephonic companies).
  6. Study visit to the experience of the host city of Santander in implementing SMART technologies, analysis of the experience of Smart Santander and identification of lessons learnt.

If you are interested in taking part in the Workshop, please contact Diana A. Lopez Caramazana, Decentralization and Local Governments Unit- ONUHabitat

Workshop programme

Smart City Lighting Event

Cities all over the world are facing revolutionary changes in city lighting. To become more affordable, cities need to start investigating the wide range of benefits of switching from a traditional professional field of city lighting to the far more complex network of smart lighting technology. To achieve this, exchanging of new knowledge, bright ideas and creative solutions on a regular basis is becoming increasingly important. The two-day Smart City Lighting Event taking place at the 24th and 25th of June is thé platform to flesh out.

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