URBAN FUTURE global conference

The URBAN FUTURE global conference is Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities. It’s the place to meet the most passionate and inspiring CityChangers from all over the world.

Cities are key to a sustainable future of our planet. Massive changes are necessary to fight climate change and social inequalities. So far, much is talked about technological solutions.

We believe, that what is most important for solving the urban challenges are the people driving positive change.
The URBAN FUTURE global conference is the world´s largest meeting dedicated exclusively to CityChangers – decision makers who actively, passionately and effectively make cities more sustainable.

In 2019 the event will be held in Oslo, the European Green Capital 2019.

+ info: https://www.urban-future.org


Smart Mobility Summit

Smart Mobility Summit is a unique event that focuses on the transformational technologies and business models that are currently revolutionising our industry. Next generation mobile technologies, smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) offer potentially massive opportunities, but significant challenges too. Our event brings together the entire spectrum of stakeholders to not only inform and educate, but also to help drive innovation and collaboration in order that we can all reap the benefits, and avoid the pitfalls.

Smart cities and the IoT are driving this transformation, and will change the telecommunications landscape forever. Those that ignore these opportunities risk getting left behind. Underpinning this revolution are the rapidly evolving connectivity technologies as we march towards the promised land of ubiquitous, seamless connectivity, for both people and machines.

Smart Mobility Summit brings it all together so that you can see the bigger picture. It’s an event that informs and educates, and helps you to keep your finger on the pulse of the technological advances, business model transformations, and use cases, that are driving our industry.

+ info: http://www.smartmobilitysummit.com/

International Conference on Smart Cities

The 2019 International Conference on Smart Cities (2019 ICTI: Chaired by Hosin “David” Lee, Professor of University of Iowa, President of iSMARTi and Board of Directors for Seoul Institute of Technology) is organized by International Society for Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Transportation Infrastructures (iSMARTi) and top papers will be published in ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems Special Collection.

The 2019 ICTI Conference is for smart city products and system manufacturers, smart city engineers and architects, smart urban system designers, disaster resilience professionals, smart city builders and construction managers, smart city maintenance engineers and asset managers, smart city consulting engineers, government employees and academic researchers involved in designing and managing smart cities worldwide.

+ info: http://icsc2019.org/conference-overview/