On the 22nd and 23rd of February took place in the Head Quarters of the World Secretariat the annual meeting of the secretariat of the Committees.

During 2010 UCLG started consultations for a redefinition of strategic priorities of our organization. This exercise that seek to promote contributions from all the partners in the process of t the Strategic planning of UCGL, started with consultations of the Secretaries General of the UCLG Sections and the UCLG Advisory Board.

This dynamic Workshops Addressed to the Secretariats of the Committees and Working Groups was part of this process. The workshop revised the results of the exercise and decisions to date and gathered concrete inputs on the long term general work programme of the organization, the priorities and the products to be developed. The workshop also provided the opportunity to share the progress made in the implementation of the work programmes of the different committees and working groups.

We encourage the members of the Committee to take part of the redefinition process of the priorities of UCGL by answering the following survey: UCLG Survey