The safe mobile payment has become a reality that can be exploited commercially when banks and operators so desire, as revealed at Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona.

GAD, a multinational company specializing in the safety and well known in the world of money by making legal tender notes, presented their solutions to pay by phone safely via NFC contactless technology, which apparently has emerged as the standard to be used anywhere in the world. But it also provides security when conducting financial transactions with sophisticated systems that protect data and communications between machines.

The company, which is used by some governments to encrypt mobile phone conversations of senior executives, also shows this technology in the MWC. These security solutions to address all the changes that are occurring in the mobile world with the advent of broadband, which allows more sophisticated services that require data protection.

Dual core

Other highlights include dual-core processors, which comes to smart phones, computers becoming sophisticated, closer to the world of computing. The first consequence is that the market for high-end phones will be downgrading to reach the general public, say executives from Qualcomm, the largest multinational chips in the mobile world.

These mobile processors make faster, more efficient and longer battery life. Qualcomm executives say their dual-core processor is a fundamental difference: each of its CPU works separately, so that only combined if necessary. So there is more efficiency and battery saving, they say.

This manufacturer, which calls its processors with the name of Snapdragon, has taken another step in this conference to introduce the quad-core processor that will allow using devices and heated less and have more features and lesser extent.

Source: Reuters