• Smart governance

Izmir Govtech Initiative

The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has been able to optimize resource allocation, improve efficiency and raise the overall quality of governance.


The İzmir GovTech Initiative is a comprehensive initiative developed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to transform governance through the integration of innovative technologies and digital tools. This initiative encompasses several projects, including Emergency Izmir, Visit Izmir, Izmir Agriculture Mobile App, Smart Alert System Project, and Emergency Information System.


• Emergency Izmir. Improves emergency response and coordination during disasters and emergency situations, such as earthquakes, fires, search and rescue operations, accidents, and floods.

• Smart Alert System Project. The Information Technology Department of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has developed a solution for the detection and rapid response to fire and flood situations, which are considered the most critical problems in the region.

• Emergency Information System. Citizens can take necessary measures and precautions by being informed in advance of disasters, emergencies, and weather events without delay. They can receive instant information about all events occurring in the vicinity according to their location and act.

• Visit Izmir. The Visit Izmir mobile application allows those who wish to visit Izmir on their cell phones to learn about more than 2,300 points of interest in the city.

• Izmir Agriculture Mobile Application. The mobile application provides a comprehensive platform for producers engaged in agricultural activities in Izmir. It combines agricultural support, data analysis, market access and information sharing to improve productivity, sustainability, and economic growth in the agricultural sector.


By leveraging technology, the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has been able to optimize resource allocation, improve efficiency, and raise the overall quality of governance. The success of these projects serves as a testament to the transformative potential of government technology (GovTech) to improve public administration and service delivery.


Through the integration of technology and innovative solutions, the initiative has significantly improved emergency response and coordination during disasters, strengthened fire prevention and management, provided advanced information for disaster preparedness, enhanced tourism promotion and visitor experience, and supported agricultural activities.