• Smart governance

Barcelona Provincial Council’s Smart Region Platform

IoT-based technological platform at the service of the Barcelona Provincial Council that allows storing and analysing territorial data to improve local governance.


Implement a technological platform based on IoT at the service of the municipalities of the province of Barcelona that allows storing and analysing territorial data to improve local governance in terms of innovation (new knowledge, new applications, etc.), efficiency (real-time data management, control of services and suppliers, etc.) and transparency.


The Barcelona Provincial Council offers this platform as a multi-entity service in the cloud. The municipalities that request this service can connect sensors that they have in their territory and connect them to this platform, thus being able to store, manage and analyse the data sent by the devices. Some of the connected sensors are the following: electricity, gas and water consumption monitoring sensors, electric power generation sensors, irrigation management sensors, mobility, municipal fleet management, garbage container sensors, noise sensors, air quality sensors, temperature, pedestrian flow, etc.


By making use of this platform, urban projects have a greater potential for replicability and transferability to other cities since they adopt the same standard language (the same API “Application Protocol Interface” and data standardization) for all cities in the territory, which facilitates implementation from the public sector, as well as the provision of services from the private sector. Similarly, another key factor is the sharing of information between municipalities so that technical managers can share knowledge.


67 municipalities in the province are using the platform with more than 14,000 connected sensors. This has enabled increased cooperation between different levels of government and municipalities. In addition, some data is public, thus improving transparency and collaboration. The data sent to the platform is used by the different teams from different areas of each municipality for the management of different services (Environment, Urbanism and Mobility, Infrastructures, etc.). The Barcelona Provincial Council conducts annual surveys on the service provided by the platform to the municipalities, and the feedback collected is generally positive.