The implementation of wireless broadband network puts Motorola certainly evidence that the recent selection of Medellin in the Digital Cities Motorola ranking as one of the 25 cities with a higher level of digitalization in Latin America, is not mere coincidence but the result a strong commitment. Commitment Motorola is proud to follow through technology.

“Digitization is not a feature unique to big cities or countries with higher GDP and greater penetration of telecommunications services, as the systematization of processes such as education is an attribute that can be adapted to any municipality, because today These days the technology is flexible and applicable to any city and geography, “said Manuel Riaño, regional manager of Broadband and Mobile Computing, Motorola, and adds,” Motorola is proud to participate in initiatives like this that can provide better education to young people in Colombia. “

Technically, the implementation of this network were used wireless bridges PTP 300 Series Motorola OFDM and equipment that enable advanced features, providing reliable, high performance connectivity, even in obstructed or high level of interference. These systems offer excellent options for companies and governments who need to maintain connectivity between buildings, access to high-speed Internet and backhaul applications, voice over IP, multimedia and video.

Thus this new step, the capital of Antioquia continues its march toward a society that uses technology resources and provides its residents new and better possibilities of education.

Source: Educational technologies