In total, two billion people already have Internet access worldwide

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held a few days in Las Vegas, president of Verizon, Ivan Seidenberg said that 71 percent of the world´s population already uses mobile phone and two billion people have Internet access. However, if there is something to be imposed this year 2011 is the 4G wireless network, thanks to the wave of product launches mobile operators to meet consumer demand. By Gloria Navas

71 percent of the global population, representing around five billion people use mobile phones and 2,000 million people have Internet access. That has been one of the ideas being taken up by the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which was held these days in Las Vegas.

According to the Center for Research and Innovation in Telecommunications (Cinit) 2011 President and CEO of the company Verizon (one of the largest companies in the world), Ivan Seidenberg, said in his speech, also attended by directors of other companies ten years ago the broadband Internet barely existed and only one in three Americans had this service.

Faced with this data, now nine out of ten people enjoy this service and this is causing the wireless communications traffic to double every year. Similarly, sales of smartphones are growing 90 percent a year.

And if something from this year is going to impose it is the 4G wireless network, explains that he CBB. Until now, consumers who wanted to seize it did not have much choice with the devices that were in the market. This dynamic will change dramatically this year thanks to a flurry of product launches mobile operators seeking to meet growing consumer demand for wireless broadband faster and attract more revenue from data traffic.


Moreover, Seidenberg said that five years ago, the Internet video transmission amounted to only 10 percent of the total network traffic, while the middle and now totals may reach 90 percent in the near future.

The executive announced that very soon the three-dimensional television is the most common, like smart homes, smart cities, and the machines that communicate with other machines, among other things.

The chief operating officer of Verizon, Lowell McAdam, predicted, in turn, to participate in the forum, that within five years his company´s customers will have access to internet connection speeds of 100 gigabytes. That will handle the enormous growth in video traffic in the coming years.

On the other hand, Jeff Bewkes, President and CEO of Take Warner, said during his participation in the event that the world is watching more TV than ever and said it is starting to live now the second golden age of television. “Everything is increasing including the number of viewers, the ad, the budgets for programming and talent and quality,” he said.

Bewkes noted that all visual content that was previously restricted to television, is now moving all types of attachments, including a cell phone.

Source: Trends in Telecommunications