From the Presidency of the Committee we believe that it is important that all the members can share their opinions and points of view on topics of interest and relevance for the committee, therefore we are pleased to inform you that we have launched the “COMMITTEE FORUM“.

The Committee Forum represents an open space in which we will be able to discuss general issues related to ICT, Innovation and Knowledge that affect Local Authorities.

In order to achieve this objective, from the committee it will be proposed a series of topics for their debate and discussion between the members. We are open to suggestions about themes that you might consider of importance to discuss.

When the time of discussion ends, we will send the contributions and conclusions to all the members and the will be also accessible in the Committee website.

 In this sense we are glad to inform you that the first theme of discussion is:

 “The importance of supporting and boosting innovation at local level in times of crisis”

 You may access the Forum and register through the Committee Website:

Thus the contents of the debate will be essential to enrich the interactive forums launched by UCLG on the website of the Local and Regional World Leaders Summit, to be held on 16-20 November in Mexico City. The members, through the Committee Forum, will have the opportunity to contribute to the Congress topics by providing inputs about digital cities, ITC, innovation and knowledge. For further information, please visit the interactive forums in the Congress website:

 Do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of the Committee with any question or suggestion.