Following the objectives established for the Committee of sharing knowledge the City of Taipei shares with it experiences related to ICT, innovation and knowledge.

Within the scope of the “Framework Plan to Build Taipei as an Intelligent City”, Taipei City has strived to formulate and implement various projects based on three primary strategies-e-Government, e-Community, and e-Life. For instance, they have focused on “developing an intelligent Taipei” by establishing the wireless network, promoting wider EasyCard and mobile service applications, carrying on with the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), expanding the 1999 Citizen Hotline, establishing the single-window service to handle complaints, and introducing the Resident Healthcare Project as well as the “Fiber to the Home” (FTTH) service. With such endeavors like fiber optic communications, they aim to boost Taipei City´s competitive edge and realize the vision of “quality life in an intelligent city” and UI-Taipei (a ubiquitous and intelligent Taipei).

The experiences are accessible in the TV Channel of the Committee with the videos: UI Taipei “Ubiquitous & Intelligent” and Taipei Citizen Health & Living Care “Taipei Telecare Program”. To see the videos follow the link:

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