The City of Stavropol in Russia has developed an Integrated System of Operational Dispatch Control (IODCS) on the basis of the Stavropol Single Duty and Dispatch Service (SDDS) and a video surveillance system (CCTV) at municipal educational institutions and public places

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Twenty-four hour collection, processing and provision of information on emergency situations, forecasts and trends of their development and consequences, forces and resources involved in prevention and recovery of emergencies;
  • Operational management of the forces and means in carrying out activities for emergency response and recovery of emergencies;
  • Communication between the city government units of the Stavropol Regional territorial subsystem of the unified state system for prevention and recovery of emergencies (hereinafter RSES), forces and funds involved in emergency response;
  • Introduction of the technical security control facilities on the basis of video surveillance systems at municipal educational institutions and public places.

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