With the aim of boosting the exchange of knowledge and collaboration between cities, the UCLG Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities organizes an annual thematic and operative event that can allow the exchange of experiences and knowledge as well as the debate among the participants, on topic related to the use of new technologies, innovation and knowledge to make more efficient and sustainable cities. The first meeting took place in 2013 in the City of Bordeaux (France) focused on the “Smart Local Economy”, the second one took place in 2014 in the City of Bilbao and was centered on the “Smart Local Governance: The challenge of good governance in local administrations”.

In 2015, the event will be held on 1-2 October 2015 in the City of Sao Paulo, Brazil, under the title:

II Seminar on the Modernization of the Municipal Management

The Seminar is organized by the National Confederation of Municipalities of Brazil (CNM) which holds the Vice-presidency of the Committee for Latin America and the Organization of American States (OEA), the Development Bank of Latin America, the Committee Presidency -Chaired by the City of Bilbao– and the Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Associations (FLACMA).

This event will represent a unique opportunity to exchange and disseminate innovative experiences in the field of the Municipal Public Management with the aim of reinforcing public administrations in the Region and fostering innovation in the public sector.

During two days, topics relevant to the management of Public Governments will be discussed, such as:

  • Open government at local level
  • Innovation in local administration
  • Integrated Municipal management systems
  • Electronic local government
  • The need of boosting Public Privet Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Sustainable urban mobility
  • Technologies applied to environmental management

Registration to the seminar has no cost and it will have available translation to Spanish and Portuguese.

Each participant should take care of its own travel, visa and accommodation costs.


(in Spanish)

Should you have any question or need further information, please contact the International Department of the CNM. The contact person is Tatiane de Jesus (+55 61 2101-6032, email internacional@cnm.org.br).


More information: http://www.cnm.org.br/informe/exibe/dialogoii-seminario-de-modernizacion-de-la-gestion-municipal