As it was informed during the Committee meeting held in the City of Mexico un November 17th, 2010, during the first quarter of 2011 from the Presidency of the Committee we have carried out a renewal process of the Vice-presidencies of the Committee.

In the case of the Committee Vice-presidencies for Euro-Asia, Latin America and Africa held by the City of Ulan Bator, the National Confederation of Municipalities of Brazil (CNM), and the Association of Municipalities of Morocco (ANCLM) respectively, we are pleased to inform you that they have confirmed the renewal of their commitment to continue to leader and coordinate the work of the committee in their region.

In the case of the Vice-presidency of Europe, held by the City of Stuttgart, we were informed that it was not possible for them to keep on holding the position of Vice-president of the Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities for the region of Europe.

With the objective to continue having a geographical balance in the Committee Government bodies, the City of Bordeaux in France has accepted the commitment of holding the Vice-presidency of the Committee for the region of Europe. The City of Bordeaux has broad experience in the development of the Information Society in its Territory.

Through its “Bordeaux Digital City” programme implemented in 2010, the City of Bordeaux has developed diverse digital initiatives in the city: development of services accessible through mobile internet, interactive blackboards in the schools, new web pages for the museums such as the CAPC developed with free software, implementation of 2D codes in the city that give additional information to the citizens, development of a pilot experience with more than 100 families in which they receive a computer connected to high speed internet and a training offer, launch of an extensive consulting platform, use of social networks to have a closer relation with the citizens in the fame work of the “solidary neighbors” project, development of public wifi points… in summary, a group of innovative services, that help to improve the quality of live of the Citizens.

From the Presidency of the Committee we thank the commitment acquired by the Vice-presidents and we are sure that together, with the support of the Committee members, we will be able to keep on working to reach more competitive cities and municipalities through the use of ICT, innovation and knowledge-management.