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Greener Montevideo

Integral environmental plan to transform and enhance the city through a set of innovative actions aimed at building a new environmental reality.


This is a strategy that bets on a cultural change, through the responsible use of resources, the intelligent organisation of services, the social inclusion of inhabitants, the generation of opportunities and the care for diversity. It is a comprehensive environmental plan to transform and enhance the city where through a set of innovative actions it seeks to build a new environmental reality. This plan proposes appropriate solutions for each situation, promoting collective experiences of inclusion and participation with the citizens. For Montevideo to become a cleaner, more efficient, sustainable, and egalitarian city, the commitment of everyone is essential.


Firstly, tasks have been carried out to clean up and recover watercourses and spaces contaminated by rubbish (the Liberated Areas Programme). In addition, a portal has been set up to receive complaints when rubbish is outside the containers (by sending a photo and the location of the incident via WhatsApp). Similarly, within the framework of the labour reconversion programme for urban solid waste sorters, the replacement of animals with motorbike carts was successfully implemented. Likewise, eco-centres have been established, which have not only been built in strategic locations in the city, but have also implemented the modality of itinerant eco-centres, which move around different parts of the Uruguayan capital.


The conviction on the part of the authorities and the involvement of the citizens of working together and with the strong participation of neighbours in the different actions.


This initiative not only focused on promoting animal welfare and care by eliminating the task of dragging a cart, but also aimed to promote the insertion of people into the formal labour market.