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Bilbao WIFI


To offer a free, free and universal WIFI network. Promote collaboration and link communication networks and state-of-the-art WIFI infrastructure between agents in Bilbao (universities, sports and cultural centres, leisure and health facilities, means of transport, etc.) and the municipal network “Bilbao WIFI” in order to offer new and better services to citizens. To expand the WIFI points in the city.


Bilbao continues to expand the municipal WIFI network, open and free, throughout the city, which favors the possibilities of increasing productivity and generating business. At present, practically 100% of the residents of the city have municipal WIFI coverage within 300 meters of their homes. With approximately one hundred thousand people a day using it (one out of every three citizens), it allows us to have a very representative sample of the city.

In addition to a service for citizens, the deployment of quality connectivity provides valuable information for city planning and governance. On the other hand, the deployment of fixed broadband throughout its territory places Bilbao in an excellent position to take on the challenge of deploying the 5G network and services.

The wifi zone closest to the citizen can be consulted at:


Over the next two years, network coverage will be significantly increased, guaranteeing that practically one hundred percent of the population will have a WiFi point within one hundred and fifty meters of their homes.


In the field of mobility, for example, the communication system with the BilboBus units has been completely improved, highlighting the interconnection of the WIFI network of the units with the municipal networks.

The location and other intrinsic and inferred values of each terminal are known, with maximum respect for privacy. And among the inferred ones, we could mention some such as:
– Number of people who like soccer or basketball depending on whether they go to San Mamés (soccer field) or Bilbao Arena (Basketball).
– Number of people who like theatre or opera as a function of the number of visits to the Arriaga Theatre or the Euskalduna Conference Center where opera is performed.
– The same happens with the number of people who visit the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao or the Museum of Fine Arts.
– Through heat maps, we can accurately infer in real time the number of people in each area of the city.

On the other hand, for example, Metro Bilbao continues to expand its free wifi points and now reaches 35 stations (July 2023).
And with the most absolute ethical and moral guarantees and the greatest respect for privacy, there are many applications or information obtained, for example:
– Determining the appropriate width of a sidewalk in an urban reform.
– Crowd control and measurement of crowds.
– Support for the improvement of public transport intermodality.
– Measurement of the “commercial success” of different spaces and infrastructures in the city (libraries, squares, gardens, playgrounds, …).