Dear colleagues, members and partners of the Committee,

As you might be already informed, from the 5th to the 6th December, the annual meeting of the UCLG World Council will be held in the city of Dakar (Senegal), in the framework of the 6th Africities Summit. You may find the related information in the following link: UCLG World Council 2012.

From the Presidency of the three Committees, we believe that the experience carried out last year to organize a joint meeting between the members of the three Committees was very interesting, and therefore we have decided to continue in this line and organize again a joint meeting this year, the main objective being to continue the collaboration between the three Committees.

The meeting will be held on December 5th from 12:00 to 13:15 in the Hotel Almadies

Please, use the following links to access the agenda of the meeting:

Meeting agenda

From the Committee on Digital and Knowledge-based Cities, we will take this opportunity to present the “Smart Cities Study: International Study on the situation of ICT, Innovation and Knowledge management in the cities” on which we have been working during 2012.

The meeting is open to all the participants; however we would appreciate if you could please confirm your participation by sending an email to the Secretariat of your Committee:

Digital and Knowledge-based Cities:

Urban Strategic Planning:

Urban Mobility:

In addition, the Committee on Urban Strategic Planning, UCLG, UCLGA and Metropolis are jointly organizing a special session entitled: “Peer learning and local leadership: a way for changing our cities? on the 6th of December from 9 to 12 am at the Conference Centre of King Fahd Palace Hotel – level 0. The contribution of African, Brazilian cities and Bilbao is foreseen for evaluating the present partnerships, identifying challenges and proposing upcoming actions in terms of peer learning initiatives. Please find further information in the links below.

We remain at your disposal for any additional information that you might need.

More information:

Committee of Urban Mobility-Walking Proposal

Link to the agenda of the peer learning session of the USP committee

Report of activities of the Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities 2012

Discussion document of the USP Committee for meeting in Dakar