For the elaboration of the study 20 cities from all around the world have participated through the sending of the data collection form with the information of their city.

The second edition of the “Smart Cities Study 2017” elaborated by the UCLG Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities aims to provide information in a didactic way on the different strategies and projects that cities around the world are putting in place, in order to move forward on the key aspects that make up a “smart city”.

Cities are fully immersed in the Knowledge Society. We are increasingly hearing about smart factories, smart cities and smart specialisation strategies. The development of the “smart” concept is thus playing a central role in economic development strategies in our cities and regions.

Based on identifying good practices at the local level, this study analyses the key factors associated with Smart cities in fields such as innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge and talent, and the digital economy.

The study is available in Spanish and English.