The population of this age increases its presence in the network more than the average

The elders do not take full advantage of internet potential

The digital divide between generations which is the difference by age of the use of new technologies is becoming closer. In its latest report, Telefónica concluded that the population between 45 and 64 is the sector that contributed to the advancement of information society in 2010, with inclusion rates above average. This helps to alleviate some suffering and loneliness that keeps them intellectually active

The current concern, says expert in information society José Manuel Robles, has less to do with joining the network but with the “difference of uses” that make young people and adults in the possibilities of the Internet. Beyond that show even greater reluctance to join social networks usually do not take full advantage offered by the network to interact with management and purchase items without scrolling. Most are content to seek information and communicate, “but not beyond, ” he explains.