In 2014 the Committee began a relation of collaboration with the Local government and decentralization Unit of UN-HABITAT in diverse issues related to the use new technologies for achieving local sustainable development.

As part of this collaboration, the Committee Secretariat took part in the workshop “SMART Technologies for municipal sustainability” held in June 2014 in Santander and that gave as a result the launch of the “Uraía” Platform.

The Uraía Platform was created as a space for exchange between local governments and their partners about the possibilities offered today with the introduction of SMART technologies in local public management. Uraía facilitates peer-to-peer learning, fosters transfer and adaptation of SMART solutions, and encourages experimentation. Since its launch, the Committee has been an active partner of Uraía.

On June 29 ant 30th of 2015 the Uraía Platform organizes in Oslo, Norway its first capacity building activity on “Public-Private Partnerships Negotiations for SMART City Management”

The final objective of this Workshop is to produce a set of Guidelines addressed to support local governments to negotiate contracts with the private sector in the implementation of SMART technologies applied to municipal management.

The guidelines will look at different case studies presented during the workshop, looking for lessons learnt and common mistakes to be avoided during the negotiation and implementation of PPPs.

If you are interest in taking part in the workshop and presenting your experience, please fill in the “Questionnaire to present experience” and send it back to

The workshop is open to representatives of local and national governments and private companies involved in the provision of public services. There will be available translation to French, English and Spanish.

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