The UCLG Community of Practice Digital Cities has more than 88 members.

China City of Pekín
China City of Guangzhou
Indonesia City of Batam
Indonesia City of Jakarta
Indonesia UCLG ASPAC
Philippines City of Makati
Republic of China (Taiwan) City of Taichung
Republic of China (Taiwan) City of Taipéi
Benin National Association of Municipalities of Benin (ANBC)
Congo Association of Mayors of Congo
Congo City of Brazzaville
Kenya Association of Local Authorities of Kenya (ALGAK)
Mali City of Bamako
Morocco National Association of Municipalities of Morocco
Morocco Municipality of Rabat
Morocco Municipality of Sidi Boumehdi
Mozambique City of Maputo
South Africa United Cities and Local Governments of Africa
Tanzania Municipality of Morogoro
Tunisie City of Tunis
Mongolia City of Ulan Bator
Russia City of Moscow
Russia City of Stavropol
Albania Albanian Association of Communes
Albania Municipality of Tirana
Belgium City of Anthisnes
France United Cities of France
France French Association of the European Council of Municipalities and Regions (AFCCRE)
France French Association of Regions
France Regional Council of Midi Pyrénées
France City of Bordeaux
France City of Elancourt
France City of Gières
France City of Lyon
France City of Suresnes
Germany City of Cologne
Germany City of Stuttgart
Italy United Cities (CICU)
Italy Municipality of Venecia
Italy Turin Province
Poland City of Lublin
Poland Polish Association of Municipalities
Portugal Municipality of Abrantes
Portugal Municipality of Faro
Spain City of Alcorcón
Spain City of Barcelona
Spain City of Bilbao
Spain Barcelona Province
Spain Spanish Federation of Municipalities
Sweden City of Estocolmo
Switzerland City of Ginebra
Switzerland Digital Solidarity Fund
Canada City of Toronto
Canada City of Montreal
USA National League of Cities
Argentina City of Mendoza
Argentina City of Rosario
Argentina Federation of Municipalities of Argentina (FAM)
Argentina Municipality of Esperanza
Brazil Municipality of Camaçari
Brazil Municipality of Curitiba
Brazil Municipality of Petrópolis
Brazil Municipality of Porto Alegre
Brazil Municipality of Jacarei
Brazil Municipality of Lages
Brazil Municipality of Várzea Paulista
Brazil City of Rio de Janeiro
Brazil National Confederation of Municipalities of Brazil (CNM)
Chile Association of Municipalities of Chile
Chile Reginonal Association of Municipalities of Antofagasta
Chile City of Peñalolen
Colombia Federation of Municipalities of Colombia (FCM)
Colombia Municipality of Medellín
Colombia Municipality of Tulua
Costa Rica Municipality of San José
Ecuador City of Quito
Ecuador Latin American Federation of Municipalities (FLACMA)
Mexico Mexico City
Mexico Association of Municipalities of Mexico (AMMAC)
Mexico Association of Local Authorities of Mexico
Mexico National Federation of Municipalities of Mexico
Paraguay Municipality of Asunción
Dominican Republic Dominican Federation of Municipalities
Dominican Republic Dominican Federation of Municipalities (FEDOMU)
Venezuela Municipality of Caroní
Kuwait Aran Town Organization
Lebanon City of Beirut
Lebanon City of Tripoli
Palestine City of Khan Younis
Palestine Municipality of Ramallah
Turkey Metropolitan Municipality of Diyarbakir